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Much has transpired since the first manifesto on Symbolism was created back in 1886 (and hence the movement was labeled “Symbolist” from the previous label of “Decadent”), but the original intent has never left us. Officially freed of constraint by all but the artist’s own boundaries, Symbolism has moved into the 21st Century as much a mysterious creature as it was when it first blossomed. We are still fascinated by the veiled mechanics of the human mind, even as we close the gaps in worldwide communication and culture…Our symbolic vocabulary is a cacophony of meaning, richer than ever but more difficult for the artist to juggle. In some ways, being a Symbolist now is more difficult than ever before. The artist must resist the temptation to repeat another artist’s vision, but in the same vein, avoid appropriating cultures alien to his/her own, which can be difficult when one finds their own culture old, mundane, shriveled. Artists of the 21st Century must dig even deeper, into the rich, fertile soil of their psyches to harvest the cornucopia of what is the human spirit. Unfortunately, the majority of artists find themselves hung up on which type of shovel to dig with. It is only a handful of creative people who move forward to chip away at their inner world, thick with analogy, myth, knowledge and intuition. Combined with truths, observations, cultural analogy and often a sense of humor, the modern Symbolists of today force the rest of us to reflect inward, pick up our own spades and shovels and picks and dig a little ourselves.

Curators Liba W Stambollion and Julie Baroh present “Modern Symbolists”, featuring a selection of today’s up and coming Symbolists in what has developed into an exciting and moving exhibit.

Curator and Artist Talk at 7:30 pm!

Show runs through November 5th, 2017

The Artists

Aloria Weaver  — in attendance
Carrie Ann Baade
David Heskin — in attendance
Erich Moffitt — in attendance
Graszka Paulska
Gromyko Semper
Jason Mowry
Julie Baroh — in attendance
Kim Evans
Liba WS — in attendance
Maj Askew — in attendance
Martin Stensaas
Mark A Nelson
Michel Bassot
Oliver Benson
Reiko Murakami
Rhonda Libbey
Roku Sasaki
Samuel Araya
Timea Tallian
Vladimir Ovtcharov
Yoann Lossel
Yuko Ishii — in attendance